So passes Spring Break... 04-04-06 00:11
Managed to get my 70-284 and 70-216 tests studied for and taken during the break. Which completes my MCSA:Messenging, and puts me one step closer to my MCSE 2000, which I should finish in another three weeks or so. Then on to the MCDBA, which I hope to finish before the end of the spring term. Then to CCNA and CCDA for the summer.

The 216 was today, and it took me less time to take the test than it did to take the shower before I left to go take the test. I passed, and celebrated by going to Taco Bell, even tho I am still cranky with them for not having the chili cheese burritos anymore. It doesn't taste as good as it used to, I dunno what happened. I think I have had too much real Mexican food to get anything out of Mexican Inspired food anymore.

Speaking of spring term, I am in CIS-244(Structured Systems Analysis), CIS-234S(Web Application Development using .NET), and CIS122(Software Design) this term.

If you can't tell from the first paragraph, I am a hardware jockey, and am only taking the 244 and 122 classes because I have to. Tonight I started reading the material for 122, and I realized that I am sick of studying, and sick of school. I just want to be done. The one good part is that it is spring term, so is light enough out during the evening classes to watch the girls go by. Which is the good part of classes.

So anyway. Yea.
Why? 04-03-06 00:21
Why does elowel refuse to save my setting to use a template (the elowel default or the elowel float, in this case)?

It keeps going back to the pretty blank custom one, and I do not have the time right now to fix it an' make it all perty.

My other question is, where does the self-imposed title show up?
Hello Sailor, 03-31-06 23:19
My name is thehawk. I'm new to elowel. I am only here because I know Cody.